DAN-AIR London was founded in 1953 and home-based in United Kingdom. The airline started flights with a Douglas DC-3 and offered flights mainly in UK. Dan-Air expanded as a charter airline and made London Gatwick to its main base of operations. In the 1960s Dan-Air built up the world's largest fleet of 49 de Havilland Comets. In the early 1970s Dan-Air acquired long-haul jets Boeing 707 and offered transatlantic charter flights. That was also the time a woman became Europe's and Britain's first female jet captain with Dan-Air. The airline was the very first operater of a BAe 146 regional jet (nicknamed Whisperjet) in 1983. This four engined aircraft brought great advantage in serving airports with a steep approach and a short runway. Among such airports was Bern-Belp in Switzerland with a tiny runway of only 1'310 metres length.

Niche Marketing Strategy was an attractive opportunity and pursued by Dan-Air. But from 1989 onwards Dan-Air experienced a lack of passengers due to continuing recession and growing competition within the airline industry. Dan-Air was facing increasing financial problems. Another deterioration factor was the fleet which contained merely ageing and costlier BAC One-Elevens and Boeing 727s. Funds raised through new shares were insufficient to standardise Dan-Air's fleet on the Boeing 737-300/400. The ailing Dan-Air was sold to British Airways in 1992 for a nominal amount of only one British Pound.

My Dan-Air Postcard was autograph by captain and copilot after landing in Zurich. It meant the world to me as a child. Meanwhile the flight attendand was making a goodbye anouncement: "Thank you for flying Dan-Air. It was a pleasure to have you on board."