The logo of Qatar Airways features an Oryx Antelope which seem to laugh at me. I love this Oryx with ithead full of mischief. The antelope is highly specialised to survive in the harsh desert environment and taught me a great deal about adaptability. It is an extremely shy animal in the wild as well as the heraldic symbol on the aircraft remains hidden from me. The antelope aircraft of Qatar is occasionally at Bern but it remains somewhat of a mystery to me. I could write a book about it but I leave it with some abbreviated notes:

  • Waiting in vain for hours at the airport. Received ATC radio message "cleared to land" in the parking garage at home.
  • Crew forgot to submit flight plan and new take-off time is at night.
  • Waiting in scorching heat or torrential rain but the aircraft flies another time.
  • Arrived faster than the police allows at the airport but the smoke signals on the horizon mean an even earlier take-off time.
  • The aircraft lands on time but my camera plays stubborn mule and fails completely.

The story continues with the last antelope aircraft visit. Heart-pounding, I look forward to this rare encounter. A sudden change in wind direction gave the crew a second thought about its takeoff position. The antelope aircraft smelt me and disappeared to the other end of the runway. The fabulous antelope stretched its wings at the greatespossible distance from me and flew smilingly away.