FIRST! SWISS Boeing 777 * Special Livery * Take-Off at Zurich


This video shows the brand new SWISS Boeing 777-300ER while taking-off at Zurich. The new SWISS flagship is equipped with two General Electric GE90 engines, currently the world’s most...

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Wonderful Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign takes-off at Bern


This colourful blue Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign visited Bern in January 2016. The Italian registered (I-TAOS) private jet is...

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Airbus A319 CJ * Azerbaijan Government * Take-Off at Bern


The Airbus A319 CJ (Corporate Jetliner) 4K-8888 of the Azerbaijan Government takes-off at Bern bound for...

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Fokker 100 Denim Air Take-Off at Bern Airport


The good old Fokker 100 is still widely used but will belong soon to the old iron. The Fokker 100 completed its first flight in November...

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Heavy Jet Landings * SWISS * Airbus A340 & A330 at Zurich


Swiss heavy jets arriving from long-haul flights at Zurich. On a guided tour I was allowed to flim next to the runway. The smell of aircraft parfum, as I call the smell of kerosine, was included in the experience. Enjoy the extreme close-up view!

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Gulfstream G650ER * Azerbaijan Government * Take-Off at Bern


Gulfstream Aerospace G650ER, 4K-AI88, takes-off at Bern bound for Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Look at the impressive...

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FORMULA 1 British Aerospace Avro RJ70 Take-Off at Bern


Formula 1 visited Bern Airport for the first time with its new British Aerospace Avro RJ70, M-STRY. The aircraft was built in...

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VIP Airbus A319 Corporate Jet * K5 Aviation * Take-Off at Bern


The Airbus A319 VIP version in special livery takes-off at Bern after a short visit. The Corporate Jet, D-ALXX, is operated by K5 Aviation, a German VIP charter airline.

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