Gulfstream G550 VP-BSI Take Off at Airport Bern-Belp - Reverse Thrust during Taxi


During taxi the pilots engaged the reverse thrust to slow down the plane. Why didn’t they use the wheel brakes instead? The reverser helps to keep the wheel brakes cool and fully operational when needed. Braking excessively does not only wear out the brakes more quickly but increases the danger of hot wheel brakes. Cooling them down takes plenty of time untill the aircraft is allowed take off again. An aborted take off may heat the wheel brakes over 1000 degrees C even to the point of a blowout.

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Gulfstream Aerospace G-IV VQ-BMT Landing at Airport Bern-Belp


The Gulfstream Aerospace G-IV VQ-BMT is a frequent guest at the Airport Bern-Belp in Switzerland. I love those gulfstreams: The wingspan is impressive, the engines huge and the long-haul range is astonishing. It is a cool luxury VIP-jet.

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Germania Boeing 737-75B D-AGET Take Off at Airport Bern-Belp


On 4th October 2012 Germania Airlines Boeing 737-75B D-AGET took off at the Airport Bern-Belp in Switzerland. This was a charter flight to Saragossa, the capital city of the autonomous community of Aragon in Spain. I love to observe powerful and close-up take-offs. The engine power, the acceleration, the vibrations and the lift off of a heavy weighing aircraft is a highly impressive moment and a miracle of engineering. The smell after burnt aviation fuel is an extra bonus for plane enthusiasts.

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Germania Boeing 737-75B D-AGET Landing at Airport Bern-Belp - Wing Vortex


Germania Boeing 737-75B D-AGET landed at the Airport Bern-Belp in Switzerland. A lovely vortex trails behind each wing. The core of each vortex trailed from the tip of the extended flap. Vortices look so cool but are in fact stealing energy from the motion of the airplane. Wingtip vortices are caused by rotating air left behind a wing as it generates lift. I was surprised how quiet this modern Boeing 737 was even while the activated reverse thrust. Enjoy the clip!

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Bombardier Global 5000 takes off for a long-haul flight...


The Bombardier Global 5000 is an awesome high speed and long range VIP jet produced by Bombardier Aerospace. The cruise speed is between 900 to 950 km/h for a maximum range 9'400 km. That makes this aircraft one of the fastest long range jets. Definitely one of my favourite planes. This Bombardier BD700 Global 5000 N711LS took off for a long-haul flight from Switerzland to the United States.

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Gulfstream G-IV "Batman" was at Airport Bern-Belp...


Gulfstream Aerospace G-V, HB-IMJ, funny call signed "Batman 164", took off at the Airport Bern-Belp in Switzerland. This Aircraft belongs to the VIP charter flights operator G5 Executive LTD. The friendly First Officer waved his hand to me while he was probably working through the last points of the take off checklist. Enjoy the awesome engine sound especially when the aircraft starts its turn on the runway.

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Liverpool FC veni, vidi, vici and flew from Berne...


Liverpool FC flew to Switzerland and landet on time at the Airport Bern-Belp. A Boeing 737-33A of Titan Airways was chartered for this flight. Such a big plane is rarely seen at the Swiss regional Airport Bern-Belp but a welcome special occasion for many plane spotters. Liverpool FC played against BSC Young Boys on 20th September 2012 at Stade de Suisse in Berne. This was without a doubt a very popular match because Liverpool FC is one of the leading Premier Leage football clubs.

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Landung der Fokker 100 Sun Adria (Trade Air)...


Trade Air operates two Fokker 100 which carry the marketing name SunAdria. The airline was founded in 1994 and has been headquartered in in Zagreb, Croatia ever since. Their main activities are charter flights and cargo operations. This plane has a capacity of 109 passengers.

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Skywork Dornier 328 - Take Off Early in the Morning...


Skywork Airlines Dornier 328-110, HB-AEO, takes off early in the morning at the Airport Bern-Belp bound for Berlin-Schoenefeld. The Dornier 328-110 has a seating capacity for 31 passengers, a flight range of 2'500 km and is able to fly pretty fast at maximum 620 km/h. It is one of the most comfortable and modern turbo-prop aircraft and know as the "Mercedes of the Air".

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Air France ATR-42-500...


Air France offers flights between Paris Orly and Bern-Belp twice a day during the week and once-daily on weekends. Société Airlinair is operating those regional flights on behalf of Air France and uses mainly an ATR-42-500 for this flight route. Enjoy the clip of the landing ATR-42-500 F-GPYF at the Airport Bern-Belp in Switzerland.

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